Cumulus Green 2024


Cumulus Green counts with an all volunteer international jury from academia and practice with Cumulus Executive Board representatives and experts in the field.
The field highlights design processes that lead to innovation for products, services and systems that touch all cycles of well-being and health: from production, procurement, preservation, and transportation, to preparation, presentation, consumption, and disposal.

Jury Co-Chairs

Anne Pikkov

Jury Co-Chair, Vice-Rector, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia, Cumulus Executive Board Member (2016–2025)

Angela Giambattista

Jury Co-Chair, Associate Professor and Researcher, DEHA Cumulus Working Group Coordinator, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

João de Sá Bonelli
Giuseppe Di Bucchianico
Gianpaolo Fusari


Thomas Garvey
Tadanori Nagasawa
Felix Ofori Dartey
Mikko Ollikainen
Ravi Poovaiah
Thais Russomano
Michelle van Wyk
Isabelle Verilhac