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Ravi Poovaiah

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah is a senior faculty member at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.
His current pedagogic as well as research and design interests are in fields related to Interaction Design, New Media Design, Visual Design and Product Design and his research interests are in areas related to Visual Language, Information Visualization, Visual Narratives, Collaborative Social and Learning Environments and Designing for Children.
Professionally, he was involved with developing ‘Collaborative Learning Environments’ and ‘Communications Environment on Television’ for Microsoft Corporation and with designing the corporate vision and retail design for Bharat Petroleum and Indian Oil Corporation. Notably, with R&D collaboration with BEL, he was able to co-design India’s Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).
Prof. Poovaiah’s efforts to spread good design across the ecosystem also includes the countless project initiated independently or through guided projects that have brought in design-led advantages to organizations especially in the Non-Governmental sector.
He is the chairman of the committee for developing the curriculum for introducing Design and Innovation in School Education in India which is now being implemented in over 2500 CBSE schools since 2023.