Cumulus Green 2024


No, the competition is only for students in Cumulus member institutions. Students from other institutions can only participate as members of a team from a Cumulus institution. The lead applicant in the team must be a Cumulus member.
Yes, but only if you have graduated in 2022–2023. If you graduated before these dates, you do not qualify.
No, this edition of the competition is open to undergraduate and master-level students. PhD students can participate as mentors of teams.
Your project qualifies as long as you have completed it during your studies as a member of a Cumulus institution currently enrolled as a student and/or as an alumnus graduated in 2022–2023.
Yes, speculative and experimental projects that fit the overall competition criteria qualify. Review competition criteria for guidelines here.
Yes, projects that have been previously submitted to other competitions or published qualify but they must comply with the term limits of the competition: this means that they must be from students who are currently enrolled in Cumulus member institutions or have graduated by 2022–2023.
There is a lot of research on the Sustainable Development Goals and SDG3. You can start here:
Projects submitted that are in other languages than English, must have full English translations provided (this includes English captions if videos are submitted in other languages). The application form for the project must be filled in English. English is the Cumulus official language.
Read the website carefully first! If you need further information, please address your questions directly to the Cumulus Secretariat at: