Cumulus Green 2022

Competition Participation Rules

Notification to Winners and Confidentiality

The winners of the competition are the student (s) of the Cumulus member institution that submitted the project. The winners and their home Cumulus member institutions will be notified by email by May 2022 of their prize category award and/or honorary mentions. The winner(s) will need to confirm the acceptance of the award and those student(s) involved in the winning projects. Failing such confirmation within a period of 7 days from Cumulus making contact, the entrant(s) selected will be considered to have simply relinquished the prize and it may be awarded to another entrant with no reward for those deemed to have relinquished it. The public announcement will of the winners will be made through digital channels in May 2022 and will be followed with an online exhibition of the winning submissions and honorary mentions.

Public Award Announcement

Winning submissions will be unveiled in June 2022 to coincide with the Cumulus Russia conference: Un/touchable – New meanings and values at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg University and HSE Art And Design School via an online exhibition, and depending on post-pandemic circumstances an on-site award ceremony. If an on-site award ceremony takes place, individual winners and/or winning teams will be notified by May 2022 with further details regarding guidelines and availability to access travel grant stipends.