Cumulus Green 2024

Terms and Conditions

The Cumulus Green 2024 competition is produced in a strategic partnership between Cumulus and The One Club for Creativity and leverages their award-winning submission and judging platform. The rules and the binding terms and conditions of the Cumulus Green 2024 competition are those stipulated in this site.

Consent to Cumulus: License to Communicate to the Public

The guarantee provided below concerns granting a license to use intellectual property rights of submission in accordance with the competition rules and granting this license to use the submission is a prerequisite for entering this competition.

By submitting a submission to the competition, the entrant states that it has obtained the authorization for communication to the public and reproduction from all students involved in the submission. The entrant has the rights and responsibility of the use of material in the submission. Entrants acknowledge and guarantee to Cumulus that they are not bound by any exclusivity agreement for the reproduction of use of their picture and are free to grant the Cumulus this authorization. Entrants understand and accept that this authorization does not carry any obligation for Cumulus to use their visual material. License to use the submission includes the right to exhibit or promote the submission and to communicate all or part of the submission and its media for communications in any way and on any media whatsoever, including, but not limited to, press articles (in any interviews, news, newspapers, magazines, bloggers etc.), during trade exhibitions or fairs, on the internet, in particular on Cumulus website and Cumulus members, partners and sponsors, social media, by any communication, with no limit on number, worldwide and for the entire duration of the competition and for unlimited time after the competition.

To this end, each entrant authorizes Cumulus in any way and on any media whatsoever including Cumulus partners and members at the time of the submission, at no charge, as well as appropriate to show all of the submissions on any communication media as well as the first names, surnames and pictures of the entrants and the member university in Cumulus, any other attribute of their personality, together or separately, and, in general, anything that concerns them, being established and reproduced and used, free of charge, for the purposes of the public dissemination of any communication related to this competition. In addition, this authorization includes the possibility for Cumulus to attach to the photograph or video reproducing all or part of the project, any other visual, whether or not animated, deemed useful and to make any changes to the initial medium deemed necessary given the technical or other requirements. This authorization is granted worldwide and is valid for the duration of the competition and unlimited time thereafter. This license does not affect the ownership of intellectual property and the entrants are free to use the submissions commercially and to license the use of submissions commercially, or to sell the rights to submissions, however, the rights to communicate to the public will remain in accordance with these rules.

Guarantees and Liability of the Content

By entering the competition, the entrant represents and warrants to Cumulus the following:

  1. All entrants acknowledge being the designer or co-designer (s) of the projects submitted and undertake to observe the regulations related to copyright and image rights.

  2. The submission to the competition is original and it alone holds the intellectual property and exploitation rights attached to the work.The project does not include any reproduction or adaptation of all or part of one or more intellectual works belonging to a third party and, in general, is not likely to infringe the right of any third party, in particular by way of copyright, the rights conferred by trademarks or any other intellectual property rights and/or intangible rights such as personality rights.

  3. Entrants have the right to participate with the same project submission in other competitions but are solely responsible to determine that there are no violations between the rules and terms of each competition they choose to enter.

  4. The submission digital format does not contain any virus, Trojan horse or other destructive or harmful content.

  5. The submission has no defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, political, racist, xenophobic or violent nature or nature that encourages violence, and does not infringe the privacy of any third parties which will automatically result in exclusion from the competition.

  6. The submission does not breach public policy or accepted moral standards as defined by law and case law in Finland and in the entrant’s country of origin; the project and its use as described do not violate a law or regulation applicable in Finland or in the entrant’s country of origin.

  7. The submission and constituent elements comply with the moderating conditions described above and, in general, that the entrant shall indemnify Cumulus and hold it harmless against any problem, recourse, claim, action or proceedings that may occur. Entrants will be responsible to cover the costs of negotiation, counsel and/or litigation incurred or made necessary vis-à-vis any third party, without the Cumulus being held liable in any way.

  8. Cumulus reserves the right to ask for documentary evidence for each of the statements made by the entrant when submitting and sending the project.

Personal Data

The personal data provided by the entrants is necessary to manage their entry in the competition and is reserved for Cumulus and its members, partners or sponsors. It is used for purposes of the entry in the competition and the internal and public communications related to the submission. It will not be transferred automatically to any 4th parties (others than Cumulus or its members, partners or sponsors or equivalent), unless authorization is obtained from entrant) in this respect beforehand. The postal, telephone or electronic address details provided by entrants (students and the person as pre-registered competition contact) as part of the competition will be used to contact them. Entrants have a right to access, question and object and a right of rectification or erasure that they may exercise with Cumulus.


Entrants must state that they are aware of the fact that all the information and all the documents concerning or issued by Cumulus, or its partners and sponsors for the competition, are communicated directly or indirectly to them, by any person involved in the organization of this competition by Cumulus or its members, partners and/or sponsors, is information drawn up, received or retained, directly or indirectly by Cumulus in particular in its information systems. Entrants undertake not to dispute the admissibility, validity or evidential value of information of a digital or electronic nature or medium.

Interpretation of these Rules

Any problem related to the interpretation or application of the terms associated with this call and its rules will be settled by Cumulus.


Under no circumstances may Cumulus be held liable in the event of poor functioning of the internet or the exhibition, loss of email or communication by any other delivery channel, or any other computer problem, or any force majeure. In particular, Cumulus may not be held liable for material damage or intangible loss caused to the entrants, their computer equipment or data that is stored, or their direct or indirect consequences. All entrants shall take appropriate measures so as to protect their own data and/or software or files stored on their computer equipment against any threat.

It is expressly stipulated that this competition may be cancelled, changed or suspended without the entrants being able to hold Cumulus liable, in the event of faults with computer systems or external intervention or intrusion making it impossible to run the competition or exhibiting smoothly. It is also stated that Cumulus may not be held liable for damages of any kind, resulting from an event of force majeure or any other event considered by Cumulus as making it impossible to run this competition. Cumulus is not held liable for any damage caused in exhibiting the competition projects anywhere. At the time of an exhibition, whether electronic or any 2- or 3-D work, the entrant is responsible for any loss.

Acceptance and Filing of the Rules

Entering the competition constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of the entirety of these rules, and the two appendices pre-registration and submission. In case of any difference between the version of the rules filed with the enforcement agent and the rules accessible online, only the version filed with the aforementioned enforcement agent will prevail. Cumulus reserves the right to amend the clauses of these rules, in particular the competition rules and the winnings awarded, mainly in order to take into account changes in legal, regulatory or administrative provisions or judicial decisions. Each amendment will be the subject of an additional clause to these rules that will be notified together with the rules to any Cumulus member institutions and the students among those who may request them.

In addition to being published here, a copy of these rules can be requested from the Cumulus Secretariat by contacting Any request that is incomplete, illegible or sent to another address than that noted above or after the end of the competition will be considered as invalid.

Elimination Entry/Disqualification

The entrants not selected will be informed by email to the address given in the project submission file sent/institutional competition coordinator. The judging panel’s decision is irreversible and may not be challenged. The judging panel does not need to give reasons for or justify its choice. No claim may be made concerning the decisions of the judging panel that will judge at its sole discretion, with no possible appeal or request for an explanation of any kind whatsoever, or challenge for any reason whatsoever. Please also see, as above, the item Guarantees and Liability of the Content.

With reference to the provisions of law of Finland as the host country of Cumulus, the Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research, entrants who have developed or used software to automatically enter the competition will be excluded from it and a complaint may be lodged by Cumulus for attempted fraud.

Furthermore, Cumulus reserves the right to permanently exclude from the competition any entrant that has given a false identity or address, that has attempted to cheat, in particular by creating false identities making it possible to register several times, and in general any entrant that has breached one or more provisions of these rules. The exclusion of an entrant will lead to the forfeiture of all its rights under these rules and in particular those related to obtaining competition awards. Cumulus may return these awards to the competition. In addition, as appropriate, Cumulus reserves the right to bring legal proceedings against any entrant breaching one or more provisions of these rules.

Claims and Jurisdiction

To be taken into consideration, claims related to the competition must be made in writing with the first name, surname and personal details of the person making the claim and sent to: Cumulus, the Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research at Aalto University PO BOX 31000, 00076 Aalto, Finland no later than twenty (20) days after the deadline for the submission in the competition. In the event of disagreement over the application or interpretation of these rules and failing an amicable agreement, any disputes will be referred to the competent court within the jurisdiction of the Helsinki Court in Finland and will be judged by application of the applicable Finnish rules of law.