Cumulus Green 2024

Honorable Mention


Andrea Gentile, Angela Riveros, Mariia Ershova

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The current school system in many states does not pay proper attention to educating children about nutrition, not teaching them the correct amount of food to consume and avoiding wasting it.

At the same time, many kindergartens and elementary schools do not have ecologically sustainable canteen and do not invest in upgrading them; many canteens use disposable plastic plates and do not engage in responsible waste management. The result is not only food waste, but also a significant plastic waste.

TRAYning wants to improve the food system in kindergarten and elementary school canteens through food education and generating awareness about proper nutrition and avoiding food waste.

Through a combination of shapes and colors, the child learns over time the correct amount of food and the right combination of foods and types of it in a meal:

  • The different sizes and layout of the plates reinforce the perception of the right amounts of food to be consumed;
  • Different colors allow the child to learn and recognize food types over time.

The material of the plates is selected to be sustainable and compostable, respecting a circular economy. Disposable plates are made from sugarcane, an organic, easily compostable, low-cost material that is a sustainable alternative to plastic disposable plates.