Cumulus Green 2024

Honorable Mention

The New Norwegian Food Culture

Eileen Olsen, Håvard Moseng, Hanne Lockertsen, Eline Mikhela, Ema Imbrasaite

AHO, Norway

Norway in its geology and geography is unsuitable for agriculture, and we end up importing goods from foreign actors. Most of our imports are coffee, sugar, vegetables and meat, which leads to competition between local norwegian farms and foreign actors in the stores.This leads to local farms shutting down, overproduction, food waste, and methane emissions from transportation and food waste that gets sent to the landfills.

With this task we used system oriented design thinking, as our method to map out the supply chain in 2022 and how our future would look like in 2042. When we look at the whole system of symptoms, root problems, where they come from and what they lead to, we find these to be the main leverage points. These will be where we predict the most impact after a relatively small intervention.

The New Norwegian Culture

By mapping out our current situation and where it would lead us to, we saw potentials for a desirable future.Our desirable future is The New Norwegian Food culture. It’s a place where you can be social, learn about and practice different agricultural and cooking traditions, as well as share your personal and cultural relationship to food. It is a place for the curious and enthusiastic, the scientists or the chefs, beginners or masters. This solution will give us a bigger perspective and value our resources more.

After seeing the effect of the interventions we notice the world is a somewhat better place than before. The farmer has the time, resources and incentive to take great care of the earth and has finally the possibility to grow at a regeneratively pace and style. All farms are able to run, small and large.

Society has a different view on food and we cannot imagine a world where we would ever waste anything at all – especially not food. Because we know by heart what we should do, it is always easy to make the responsible decision, and it is as easy as never before.