Cumulus Green 2024

Honorable Mention


Desiree Gonzales, Elif Nur Cicek, Han Xiao

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The Problem

RUBIX addresses the worldwide problem of food waste along with the issue of single-use packaging in the food takeaway sector.

Designing for who?

We designed for the following existing food waste systems and services:

  • Too Good to Go and Copia to create a food saving eco-system.
  • Copia collects food from major events such as weddings, office parties etc. and donates the food to homeless shelters.
  • Too Good to Go offers fresh food from restaurants, bakeries, cafes at the end of the day to be sold to users at a discounted price. Both systems tackle food waste and with RUBIX packaging we are able to tackle the connected issue of packaging within the takeaway system.

Research Process

Our research process include the following service design tools: rigorous benchmarking of case studies in the following sectors: service design, packaging and systemic design, creating an eco-system map of those case studies, researching food waste systems and food packaging systems. We interviewed food delivery couriers, restaurant owners, users who order delivery and using our quantitative and qualitative research to create RUBIX.


After the research phase, we created personas, the before customer journey from our user interviews to assess user needs and to answer the user needs in the after customer journey. We entered the ideation phase where we created multiple rapid prototypes, iterations and prototypes. To get to our final prototype we facilitated multiple user surveys and took the feedback to iterate our prototype and to create the final prototype of RUBIX.

Intended Impact

Since RUBIX offers a divers morphological experience, the intended impact of RUBIX is to encourage users in a playful way to FINISH their food, to COMPOST the used packaging and to RE-USE the cell carrier, giving it a second life for the future.

We understand that the problem of food waste as well as recycling is a worldwide issue and that can’t be solved overnight, but we hope that with RUBIX we are able to take on a different approach to tackling the problem, a playful process that stimulates the motor functions of users of all ages, to finally complete the rubic cube without so much struggle.

So, come play with RUBIX.