Cumulus Green 2022

Honorable Mention


A cosmetic line that focuses on the naturality, longevity, and sustainability of our products


Materials play the biggest part. Instead of choosing injection molded plastic like all cosmetics brands nowadays, re: proposes to return to natural and reusable materials: wood and metal.

There are recycling problems with wood as it cannot be recycled like steel, and thus we reuse every stage of the wood throughout the multiple life cycles of this product line.

In this new, revolutionary system, re: is able to streamline the production so it creates no waste, a cradle to cradle solution.

Project Description

‘re:’, a cosmetic line that focuses on the naturality, longevity, and sustainability of our products by making them refillable, reusable and recyclable.

The material plays a vital role. We make sure the ingredients we use for the products contain no heavy metal, all from food source. We make sure our package materials are either recycled or repurposed.

For that to come true, there’s a whole system designed from the point of purchase, to rewards program for trading in empty containers.

To stay with the current trend, the design language of this cosmetic line looks at the rising male market for cosmetics. Instead of the previous feminine looking cosmetic products, re: strives to bring neutrality and confidence to users of the non-binary future.

Overview of the Solution

The cosmetics industry is known to be one of the most profitable market, which is probably the reason why it’s so reluctant to change. However, according to Euromonitor, we’re currently sending 120 billion units of cosmetics packaging to the landfill annually, and that is expected to grow to 12 billion tonnes of plastics in the landfill by 2050, which is the equivalent of 35,000 empire state buildings.

The change is long overdue.

I see it as an alluring opportunity for me. After doing some research, I found that males’ appreciation towards makeup has grown over the past years, We can see leading fashion brands like Tom Ford and Chanel have already put their male cosmetics products into the market.

Moreover, the ingredients currently used in cosmetic products include a high percentage of heavy metals, and thus the whole process of producing makeup is really no different from oil paint. It’s terrifying to think about how much poisonous compounds we’re taking in when we apply those onto our skin.

From the research, I found some design opportunities: – ingredients used in the products – materials used for the packaging – non-binary market for cosmetic and skin care products

A lot of research is done on materials afterwards to determine which materials would have a gender-neutral sensorial aspect, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly as well.

I imagine this line of products to change the way people consume, at least for cosmetic and skin care products. People have been paying more and more attention to animal testing and all, but of same importance is to change their own mindset about the currently single-use cosmetic products. That’s why re: products are designed to be refillable, reusable, and repurpose rather than recycle, so to keep the use of each material to its maximum.

I believe sustainability can only be achieved when all parties gain profit from it. With my design of this line of products and the system that lies beneath it, it benefits the consumers as they can possess products that look good and better over time; it benefits the company as they can sell it for a higher price for the premium and revolutionary design, also there’s huge profit in selling refills; and it benefits the society and environment in general as it intends to reshape the way how people consume, going back to purchasing products from companies that are responsible and proud of what they do.

This is just the first step of a revolution.

the whole package is delivered to you with a delivery box that can later turn into a refill dock, an info brochure on our brand philosophy and your purchase, a lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, and a facial moisturizer.
An online platform is designed to make it easier for our consumers to get to know our brand philosophy and how we care about environmental and personal well-being. If they value what we're trying to express, it's very easy for them to make purchases, new ones and refills.
We care deeply about our consumers' well-being, thus all ingredients we use are extracted from what we eat instead of heavy metals used currently. You will look just as glorious, and a bit healthier.You will look just as glorious, and a bit healthier.
We cut our use of resources by moving our stores to online only. Just couple clicks on the screen and our delivery staffs will bring them to you instantly in their energy-efficient electric cars. They will also collect empty ones from you if you participate in our trade-in rewards program.
This demonstrates the life cycles of this line of products as time passes. The products start with walnut wood, then it will be collected and made into chips, casted into bioresin for packaging, which then will be collected again, made into powder and pressed to use for children' toy or playground.
This video demonstrates how I envision this line of cosmetic products interact with people in real life. It indicates its online platform, refillable feature, and its zero waste philosophy from the delivery box/refill dock which is made from production waste and recycled products.


Tim Li


ArtCenter College of Design,
United States of America




Fridolin Beisert and Heidrun Mumper-Drumm