Cumulus Green 2024

Press Coverage

Exploring the future of circular economy with Cumulus Green | Trip of design | Episode 04

This video episode conceived and directed by Suyog Sunil Risbud (aka The Fun Indian Guy) originally premiered during the 2020 Milan Design week on (June 15-19, 2020). The episode features the CumulusGreen2020 competition with interviews by Cumulus President Mariana Amatullo, Jury Member Simon Widmer from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the designers behind the 3 winning projects: Valerio Di Giannantonio for Filoskin; Natalie Ferry and Stefano Pagani for Bloom and Frida van der Drift Breivik and Frøya Thue for DYPP.

Elena Baturina announces the winner of the Founder’s Choice Award in BE OPEN’s international student competition

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Online vote selects winner of the Public Vote Award in the “Second Life of Things in Design”

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