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Pedro Reissig

Founder of the Latin American Food Design Network

Pedro has been involved in Food Design as a practitioner, social entrepreneur and scholar for the past decade. His design career includes several startups, the most prominent being Vacavaliente, a long standing MoMA Store favorite. His academic work is rooted in the relationship between form and structure within a paradigm he calls “techno-morphology”, subject of numerous international research publications, projects and lecture appearances. His interest in the transdiscipline of Food Design is motivated by rethinking and redefining the sense and role it can play for us as people, professionals and society. This search for a meaningful and useful “Food Design for improving our food lives” has led him to found the Latin American Food Design Network ( and create an FD Educational Platform ( Also his personal interest in design morphology paved the way for his FD agency in Buenos Aires ( His most recent work includes the publication of the book, in Spanish for now, “Food Design: hacia un eco-sistema alimentario”, the launching of the “Revista Latinoamericana de Food Design: comes lo que eres” (Latin American FD Journal: you eat what you are), and most currently, the publication of the research project “Gastronomía Bucal” (Mouth Gastronomy).