Cumulus Green 2024

Honorable Mention

Nisje and Symbio

Tora Nielsen Sollesnes, Trine Truchs Erga, Petter Gouiran, Mira Beichmann Krogh and Sunniva Wildhagen Lislevand

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

Nisje and Symbio – The creation of a sustainable future food industry

In this project we have through methods from systems-oriented design investigated the “wicked” food system through the distribution domain, to define possible interventions that will lead to a thriving Norwegian food industry in 2042. We have worked to create a supply chain that create better habits, more rewarding food experiences, more responsible consumption, strengthening the farmer and workers integrity, and create a durable food industry, with a focus on economical, agricultural, and social sustainability.

We will show you the process and solutions in a storyboard. You read the storyboard horizontally. We have focused on a timespan from now to 2042. It will take place in Norway. At the beginning we will give you an introduction to the problems, root causes of the supply chain and which direction we are heading for if we continue the way we do today. We will also show you what we think is a desirable future.

After we have presented the root causes, we will show you two different concepts for a solution to a more sustainable supply chain. We will present to you the concepts Nisje and Symbio. Both are pilot projects. Nisje takes place in Tromsø and Symbio takes place in Brønnøy and Sømna. Both concept consists of several ideas. We believe that these two pilot projects can be the start of a more sustainable supply chain and will lead to important societal value changes, through getting a closer relationship to the food we consume.