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Francesca Zampollo

Founder and Chief of Inspiration of the Online School of Food Design

Francesca Zampollo is Food Design and Food Design Thinking researcher, consultant, teacher, and keen public speaker. She is Founder and Chief of Inspiration of the Online School of Food Design© ( where she teaches online courses on Food Design and Food Design Thinking. She is also a future-optimist stargazer working for this Earth’s evolution through unity. As a consultant she helps companies and professionals in the world of Food Design with their creative process to come up with ideas for products, services, or whole business propositions. As a teacher she creates courses to empower food designers to do more of what they want to see in the world. She is a founding editor of the International Journal of Food Design – the first and only academic journal of Food Design; and she is the founder of the International Food Design Society.

Francesca organised the first three International Academic Conferences on Food Design and taught Food Design and Design Theory at London Metropolitan University and Auckland University of Technology. She holds a PhD in Design Theory applied to Food Design; she has spent the last eight years developing the Food Design Thinking methodology, as a food-specific branch of Design Thinking.