Cumulus Green 2024

Honorable Mention

Corn husk bioplastic

Valeria Munoz Cardenas, Diego Nunez Garcia

Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

Pack-a-husk is a project that aims to solve the increasing food waste problem in the world by experimenting with different materials. We were able to identify that a lot of primary materials are not edible; they are just waste. As we took the corn husk and realized that this is a part of the food that is not edible, we decided to experiment and create a packaging that was biodegradable with the husk. One of the benefits to this packaging is that it retains the humidity, so the food will last longer.

An important aspect of our project was the experimentation since we had to create a new material that had properties to retain food for a longer time than traditional packaging, to improve the quality of the food and avoid throwing away so much food. Regarding our final product, our team decided that the best combination for the final packaging will be a mixture of dried out husk and normal corn husk, this combination results in the most durable and resistant container.