Cumulus Green 2022

Honorable Mention


Clothes Dryer for Sunless Room


This solar-powered clothes dryer absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it into electrical energy. It can dry clothes when there is insufficient light or at night, providing an efficient clothes drying environment for rooms with insufficient light. Solve the problem that the clothes dryer wastes power resources and electricity costs.

Overview of the Solution

Facing groups: Design for urban vulnerable groups with poor lighting environment in living space Product background: Under the background of the shortage of housing resources, the illumination condition of urban living environment is poor, and clothes are often not dried. Home dry clothes equipment needs to consume a lot of power resources and pay for expensive electricity. This is a troublesome problem for young people who have just come to work in cities and low-income groups in cities. Key functions of the product: The solar energy is converted into electricity and stored to provide energy for dry clothes when the light conditions are insufficient. Product use: Place it in the room with sufficient light, hang clothes on the clothes hanger, touch interactive screen can quickly adjust the drying time.

Figure 2 describes the product details and functional areas
Figure 3 describes the product details and functional areas


Yi He, Kang Jie Zheng, Xiao Han Zheng
and Yishuai Wang


Guangdong University of Technology, China




Chaojie Chen