Cumulus Green 2022

Honorable Mention


A quilt revolution by upcycling the quilt-use in daily life and expand its lifespan


Quilts are necessities of people’s daily life, however, it is laborious to clean and store. And because there is no recycling process, all old quilts finally go to the waste incineration plant. Our design makes the traditional whole quilt core broke up into different 6 parts, producing in a modular way to improve the experience, taking back to the system for hierarchical cleaning, and finally enter the recycling process to become other products or compost, therefore close the loop of quilts.

Project Description

The goal of the system is to bring better quilt experience and upcycling the wasted quilts. Our product consists of 6 identical module quilt cores and 1 quilt cover. It has two sizes, each with three different thicknesses. When there are stains on the quilt, people can send back the core to clean instead of cleaning the whole quilt. People can place different thickness quilt cores in the cover module according to their own needs. Its contents, some hollow balls, are produced with three natural materials,which can use fewer materials to save the same air. Each core has an ID code to record and track information. People can reserve core replacement or quilts rental services through the app. The used quilt will enter the classified cleaning process and be sent to the next user until it can not be used as a good quilt. In the cleaning process, dirty balls and expired balls will enter the recycling process to re-produce a durable car cushion or fertilizer.

Overview of the Solution

Quilution upcycles the quilt-use in daily life. People no longer need to put on covers laboriously, wash quilts, and store extra quilts. The three natural materials used in the system are completely degradable, and take into account the needs of different groups of people and economic capacity, so that everyone can have good quilts to use. The scrap and waste materials produced in the production process and cleaning process will enter the compost, and finally return to the nature. The classified cleaning process reduces the energy consumption, meanwhile, ensures the cleanliness of quilts. Through quilts sharing economy mode, quilution wants to explore the possibility of widening the boundary between private and public goods, making quilts consumption change from purchasing private daily necessities to sleep experience and service, so that to improve the utilization rate of quilt, liberate people’s home space, and finally let quilt materials flow to the process of reproduction and reuse.

Product introduction: modular quilts
Service introduction


Peiyue Lin, Xin Wang, Jiayin Song
and Haowei Zhou


East China Normal University,
Design School, China




Jingjing Lin, Buge Chao and Zhaoyun Chen