Cumulus Green 2022

Honorable Mention

Dairy Pad

Fully biodegradable packaging which supports ‘on the go’ style with environmental responsibility


The packaging is fully biodegradable and, in our visions, successfully replaces the dominant plastic one-usage packages. It is easy to use and it looks attractive to the customer.

Project Description

Dairy Pad allows combining the current lifestyle “on the go” with responsibility for the environment. Drinking yogurt is visible through the semi-transparent material. There is a freshness sensor on the back. We wanted to get a clear, meaningful design and a modern brand. Our goal was to build awareness attractively and encourage wise, ‘sustainable’ choices.

The packaging “Dairy Pad” contains a single portion of drinking yogurt intended for people who value the freshness of the product, ease of consumption, ecological sensitivity. The material is similar to that from which gelatine capsules are made. After consultations with the Chemistry Department at the Warsaw University, a slight change in composition allows producing gelatine packs dedicated to yogurt.

Overview of the Solution

The packaging of “Dairy Pad” contains a single portion of drinking yogurt intended for people who value product freshness, convenience, and ecological solutions. It is a suggestion for lunch or a snack during the day. We wanted to create a product that could be adapted to the ‘on the go’ lifestyle, and which would be ecological at the same time. Moreover, we wanted to give an impulse to the packaging industry and create an alternative to single-usage plastic containers. We focused on making the project biodegradable and feasible. Besides, we wanted it to be fashionable, desirable, and attractive. The name, form, and graphics should evoke something modern and future-oriented, maybe even a little space-like.

The process of creation was not the easiest. In the beginning, we decided to get to know as many innovative solutions and materials as possible. When we got to know a lot of exciting concepts, we always had the ambition to come up with something that no one had thought of before and which would be in line with our ecological values. At first, it seemed everything was already there. But later, one of us caught a cold, and by observing pills and medications, the concept of creating a gelatin pack similar to fish oil capsules came into existence. The more we analyzed this idea, the more we discovered that it was perfect! We watched and learned about the production process. We contacted the Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Chemistry at Warsaw University and, apart from consultations, we started experiments in the laboratory. It turned out that our idea is feasible! After understanding the material properties and working on adapting it to store yogurt there, we began to think about the form. The features of the material started to tell us what our concept should look like.

Packaging visualization.
There is a freshness sensor on the back.
The packaging has a modern, eye- catching design.
Opening method.
The shape of the packaging allows you to easily fit them in your bag.


Dorota Chwedoruk and Karolina Łukasiak


Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,
Faculty of Design, Poland




Grzegorz Niwiński and Maciej Konopka