Cumulus Green 2022

Honorable Mention

Counting Drops

An experiment to cutting down on my daily water usage to prompt people to do the same


A challenge to self-experiment on saving as much water as possible. “Counting Drops” aims at prompting others to self-restrain ones water-consumption. Applying a variety of hacks I managed to lower my daily water-consumption from an average of 130l to about 3l. Challenge yourself! – how much water do you use(waste)? – where can you cut down on wateruse? – surpass personal “lows” of daily water use. – share achievements on social media #countingdrops and nominate friends to follow your example.

Project Description

In average, one person is accountable for the water consumption / waste of 130 Liters per day.

We take the endless flow of this liquid resource for granted without further thoughts, while scientists warn of severe droughts, floods and a general unpredictability of weather and climate related consequences. Industry and Agriculture are the major consumers of water wich in many cases lead to devastating consequences for nature and humans.

Non the less, it´s important to prepare humans in general to cope with little water supplies as such scenarios are likely to become more frequent and start to value water as the precious resource that it actually is.

“Counting Drops” is set about doing something about exactly those points. Challenging to cut down ones personal water consumption, to reconsider ones attitude and behaviour towards water, to promote a behavioural change and question water politics and infrastructure.

Overview of the Solution

The massive average water-consumption of 130l in Europe and the US led me to question my personal water household. Applying a variety of DIY hacks, I managed to lower my water-use down to 3l. As you can see in the following Video, I explored into many directions and overcame some psychological and societal boundaries. It’s focus lies in ones self-optimisation, and reconsideration of ones attitude towards water to eventually question water-politics and infrastructure.

Following my example I hope to prompt others to challenge themselves, share their successes and again motivate even more people to join the environmental conscious movement.

A 1l bottle to keep count of my daily water-consumption.
Uni-Exhibiting of Counting Drops


Philipp Loidolt-Shen


University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria




Anab Jain