Cumulus Green 2022

Honorable Mention


The ‘Amazebalz’ are dissolvable shampoo balls and an alternative to plastic shampoo bottles


The ‘Amazebalz’ seek to solve the problem of single use plastics by replacing shampoo bottles. The dissolvable ‘balls’ can be bought on an app with options including hair length, washes per week and the choice between generic shampoo, natural ingredients or personal customisation. The product will be bought in bulk with one-months’ worth arriving upon ordering. Samples can be ordered prior to a subscription upon which an individually labelled dispense system will be sent to the customer.

Project Description

As plastic pollution becomes a major problem in society today, designers have a responsibility to rethink the way we use and re-use materials and create innovative design solutions replacing plastic packaging. This is where the issue of shampoo bottles was discovered and researched. The final product eliminates single use shampoo bottles and the goal is to make consumers more aware of the plastic problem and change their habits to more eco-friendly options.

Overview of the Solution

Through design thinking methods like the double-diamond, product design becomes a big part of the culture change needed. By researching plastic usage and its effect on the environment we begin to discover the enormity of the issue, and by defining one specific area in need of change, we can narrow down the scope and start small. This is where the issue of shampoo bottles was discovered and researched. Furthermore, a range of solutions was developed through prototyping and use of design thinking methods such as surveying, secondary research, the 5 whys and user journey mapping, until a final product is delivered.

Research into plastic pollution
Final product details and life cycle
Poster and user journey map


Stine Marie Damsgaard


Torrens University, Design Faculty, Australia




Mark O’Dwyer